We are proud to announce the creation of the new South West Bankstown Chamber of Commerce.
The SWBCC connects local businesses and supports business growth in the Bankstown regions. We invite all business owners to contact us to see how we can help you grow your business.

The chamber will also provide opportunities to:
  • Get your business name out there
  • Network with local business and potential suppliers
  • Learn about best practice from others
  • Stay up-to-date with market trends
  • Business mentorship opportunities
  • Cementing our sense of community

This is a great opportunity to be part of this new driving community force. The modern era of online communications has left many businesses disconnected from their local community, customers and they are unable to develop a strong physical presence. This chamber represents an opportunity to turn our attention back to the community, our local customers and the businesses around us to strengthen them and in turn strengthen ourselves.

It is important to care for your business and target markets. It is important to build business relationship and grow your local strengths, in order to achieve this. Being a member of the SWBCC gives you the support and tolls to do just that.

For more information and to express your interest in being part of the chamber please contact us on:


The Bankstown district is comprised of a number of noteworthy Businesses who are always keen to capitalise on the commercial opportunities available to them. Successful business operators understand that developing strategic business relations and networks strengthens the bottom line of their operation and allows for growth.

The SWBCC is developed around other successful business chambers which have achieved significant  growth of businesses collectively. This chamber represents an opportunity for successful local businesses and operators who conduct business in the Bankstown area to continue to grow.


Together we are building a vibrant and flourishing community through business leadership.

Principal activities

The purpose of our Chamber of Commerce is to complement your main role in growing your businesses. As a noteworthy fact the chamber of commerce is essential to the economic growth of the community.

Our Chamber of Commerce will be about building further friendship because it is the cornerstone for any journey and cementing our sense of community; the primary focus shall be about listening to your frustration, voicing your concern and learning more about your business difficulties and we will work together with key stakeholders towards reducing those hurdles and turning those negatives points into positive pillars.

The chamber will also facilitate for workshops to motivate and stimulate business interest conduct mentoring, networking and education forums, introduce programs designed to create awareness for the benefit of community in general and run any other necessary events that would help you further to advance your dream and ignite your passion and innovation which in turn would add value to your business operation.

Our chamber is an organization of citizens who are dedicating their time and money to serve the community developing programs working with stakeholders to assist improve economic, civic and cultural wellbeing of the south west Bankstown and beyond and these are very important and
crucial elements and valid aims for each and every one of us within our community to be involved and supportive.

We will keep reaching out constantly because we are human and we care for each other.

Aims and Objectives
  1. To promote the business interests of the private sector;
  2. To further the economic development in the Bankstown regions and to ensure the provision of services and utilities essential to such development;
  3. To provide a representative body for business people with which government can consult;
  4. To work with local representatives, council and other stakeholders on matters and decisions which shape the future of the South West Bankstown and beyond;
  5. To provide a forum for discussion and advancement of community sector goals;
  6. To pool the strengths of business people so that together, they can accomplish tasks that cannot be achieved by each one alone;
  7. To promote the economic viability of the area, so those current businesses will grow and new ones will be developed locally;
  8. To provide the business sector with a common voice.
  9. To build bridges with sister organisations and business councils